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Array Computer Systems (Acs Sales SEO) Mission Statement.

Mission Statement
The Array Computer Systems, Acs Sales SEO, web site exists as an online resource for web site promoters who wish to maximize their exposure on the world wide web, and self-promote and submit websites to Search Engines and Directories.

Submission and promotion resources collected here are will help you promote effectively and maximize traffic to your web-site.

Each page will offer several search engine strategies in a bulleted list for easy reading and effective promotion of your site.

Acs Sales SEO is, as far as possible, a banner and advertising free zone.

Information is kept up to date and best practice is advised. Please see our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

Optimization and Optimisation are used interchangeably on the web ..... here I have standardized and used the "z" in preference. ....... :-)

Acs Sales SEO offers a consultancy service for manual submission to Search Engines and Directories. Get a quote to have your commercial web-site Search Engine Optimized and submitted to the major Search Engines and online Directories. Go here.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization
Go directly to the page for Search Engine Optimization hints and tips. Includes advice on Search Engine Submission, Search Engine Optimization and Web Site Promotion Strategies. How to prepare your site for search engine submission, so that you have a better chance of being listed in search engines and directories. How to optimize your site to make it search engine friendly. How to abide by the rules and meet the criteria for submission to directories and search engines. (More).....

Click here to visit the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) page!

Site Promotion.

Promotion and optimizing resources
Go directly to the page where you will find links to promotion and search engine optimizing resources that will enable you to drive traffic and productive visitors to your web site. By following the advice and recommendations here you will maximize your opportunities for making money, and for optimizing making money out of the traffic you already have. Is site promotion a Science or an Art? (More).....

Click here to visit the Site Promotion page!

Link Strategy.

Link Strategy
Go directly to the page which will show you how to develop links from other sites to your website. Many of the major search engines assess how many other sites link to yours and improve your search engine ranking as a result. (More).....

Click here to visit the Link Strategy page!

Search Engine Submission.

Search Engine Submission
Go directly to the page listing the major Search Engines and Web Directories. Links lead directly to the search engine submission pages. Includes notes and guideline for meeting the Search Engines and Web Directories submission criteria. (More).....

Click here to visit the ACS SALES Search Engine Submission List!

Click here to visit the ACS SALES Directories Submission List!

Search Engine Optimization and Promotion Tools.

Search Engine Optimization and Promotion Tools
Go directly to the page where I have collected the best tools to support your SEO and Directory submissions. (More).....

Click here to visit the Search Engine Tools page!

Search Engines and Directory News.

Latest news and press releases
Go directly to the page where I have collected the latest news reports and press releases relating to the major search engines and big web directories. Great for motivation, see the stats and PROMOTE!

Latest: Which search engine now has in excess of 50% of all web search traffic? (More).....
Latest: How many words do most people use in search phrases at search engines? (More).....
Latest: Which day of the week is the most popular with surfers? (More).....
Latest: What is the most popular screen resolutions on the web in the world? (More).....

Click here to visit the Search Engines and Directories News page!

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